qCSI seminars are organized as a part of the Light & Matter seminar series at JYU. The seminars feature talks by the qCSI-consortium partners from JYU, HY and LUT. Seminars are related to light-matter interactions very broadly with research topics ranging from experimental photobiology to high-resolution IR spectroscopy.

Seminars are organized every second Tuesday at 14:00–15:00 at the Nanoscience Center, JYU. All seminars can be also followed on Zoom (permanent channel: lightmatter2024). The seminars are aimed at students, staff and all interested parties. Anyone interested in the topic is warmly welcomed!



  • 06.02.2024 Arvind Kumar (JYU)
  • 20.02.2024 qCSI seminar, Jari Peltola (HY)
  • 05.03.2024 Gerrit Groenhof (JYU)
  • 02.04.2024 Rebecca Strada (RECETOX)
  • 16.04.2024 Group Takala (JYU)
  • 30.04.2024 qCSI seminar, Group Vartiainen (LUT)
  • 14.05.2024 Group Pettersson (JYU)
  • 04.06.2024 Group Muhonen (JYU)


  • 03.09.2024 Group Ihalainen (JYU)
  • 17.09.2024 qCSI seminar, Group Strachan (HY)
  • 01.10.2024 Group Toppari (JYU)
  • 22.10.2024 Group Kumpulainen (JYU)
  • 05.11.2024 qCSI seminar, Group Isomäki (HY)
  • 19.11.2024 Group Muhonen (JYU)
  • 03.12.2024 Group Pettersson (JYU)